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500 minutes to call landlines and mobiles in 100 international destinations

500 Global Minutes Boost

For just £5 you can chat your way round the world with 500 minutes in your pocket to all these destinations

  • Calls from 1p a minute*.
  • Better value than BT, Sky, Virgin and Plusnet*.
  • Call landlines or mobiles in 100 destinations day or night.
  • No calling cards or swapping SIMs to bother with.
  • Check your usage online.
  • Going over your 500 minutes? You'll still never pay more than 5p a minute.
  • Save up to 95% calling areas outside the Boost.

You can buy our monthly Boosts when you start your package and add or remove them any time in My Account.

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Unlimited broadband & phone:

Unlimited Mobile Minutes Boost

Happily talk all day and all night - no one does landline to UK mobile calls for less than this

£5.00 per month
on Essentials & Plus

Anytime UK Calls Boost

Get superchatty with no worries. Landline or mobile, you can talk as long as you like 24/7

£7.50 per month on Essentials

Super Safe Boost

Keep computers and laptops safe from internet nasties on mobile networks or any Wi-Fi

£2.00 per month
on Essentials, free option on Plus

Calling Features Boost

Make life easier with Call Waiting, Ring Back, 3-way Calling and Caller Display.

£4.10 per month
on Essentials, free option on Plus

The small print


All Boosts have minimum duration of 30 days at a time. Once added, you'll continue to receive the Boost until you opt-out or your contract ends. We'll aim to have the Boost activated within 48hrs, however, in certain cases it may take longer. If you have recently moved house or received a new phone line, the line will need to go live before the Boost can be activated. If we are unable to provision the Boost from the start of the billing period, you'll be charged the prorated amount. You must give 48hrs notice to remove a Boost prior to the end of the 30-day billing period that applies to your account. Notice received after the monthly cut-off time will be actioned at the end of your next billing period. If the Boost is removed through a customer's bill cycle the full charge will still apply & is non-refundable. You can change your Boosts via Customer Services or

Refer to our Fair Use Policy of 1800 mins per month for details.

500 Global Minutes Boost

*1p per minute based on customer making 25 calls at 20 minutes each (average call time on TalkTalk base). Comparison against BT, Virgin, Sky and Plusnet landline to international landline and mobile rates. Partial minutes are rounded up to the nearest minute and deducted from allowance. Minutes can be used to call any of the defined International destinations at anytime, click here for full list. 60 minutes max duration per call applies, usage above 60 minutes will be charged in accordance with our discounted international tariff. Inclusive minutes don't roll over & any unused minutes are lost. Minutes used are rounded up & deducted from the inclusive allowance. Excludes calls to international premium & non-geographic numbers.