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Below is the pricing for our package

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Plan details

Call connection charge of 17p per call applies excluding Free/Inclusive and Service numbers (084,087,09,118)
Plan cost per month FREE
Calls to 01/02/03 numbers Inclusive (except daytime weekdays 7am-7pm), up to 60 mins per call
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Rates to UK Landlines

Daytime Evening Weekend
01/02/03 11.5ppm Inclusive Inclusive
Jersey & Guernsey 20p 20p 20p
0800 / 0808 / 0500 numbers Free Free Free
*Maximum inclusive call time 60 mins per call (redial to avoid 11.5p per min rate).
All rates in pence per minute
Service Numbers Cost of call from TalkTalk Landline
Numbers begnning with 084/087/09/118 Access Charge of 7.5p per min + Service charge

Click here for service and other rate numbers

Rates to UK Mobiles

If you subscribe to Anytime call Boost or Unlimited Mobile Minutes Boost then calls to the following UK mobile networks are inclusive for as long as you stay within your allowance.
Network Standard Rates Mobile Extra
Daytime Evening Daytime Evening
Vodafone 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
O2 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
Orange 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
T-Mobile 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
TalkTalk Mobile 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
Virgin Mobile 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
Opal Mobile 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
Three 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
BT Mobile 11.5ppm 11.5ppm 7.15p 7.15p
FM10 through FM17 20p 15p 20p 15p
All rates in pence per minute
Calls to channel Island and Isle of Man mobile providers are not included in our calling boosts and will be charged at "Services F" rate. Please check help page for full charge breakdown.

Rates to overseas numbers

Click here for all international call rates

To find out more about our Africa and Asia Extra click here.

Additional features

Value Features
Make it easy to keep in touch
Service Description Cost per month
Call Divert Divert your calls to another landline or mobile so you don't have to wait at home for an important call £2.55
Call Waiting Tells you if someone calls while you're on the line and lets you put your current call on hold to take it. £2.55
Reminder Call Get us to call and remind you about birthdays, appointments or other special occasions £2.55
Ring Back Don't wait around to get through - if a line's engaged we'll call you back when it's free £2.55
Three-Way Calling Speak to two people at once to make plans or discussions easier £2.55
Save when you bundle these value features!
Value Features are £2.55 each. But for £4.10 you can choose as many as you like.

Never miss a message - It could be important!

You get our standard voicemail service free with your TalkTalk plan - if you don't answer or you're on another call, it plays callers a standard greeting and lets them leave you a message.

But for the personal touch, you can select Voicemail Plus: record a personalised greeting for your callers - and check or listen to your messages from any other phone while you're out!

With TalkTalk this handy service costs only £2.55 per month.

Mobile Extra
Longer mobile calls without higher bills
For just £1.49 each month, you can bring down the cost of calling any UK mobile to only 7.15 pence per minute.

Standard Features
Get the most out of your phone
Service Description Cost per month
141 Dial 141 before your call to hide your number from the person you're calling Free
1470 If you have the "withhold number" service, dial 1470 to override it and send your number Free
1471 Call 1471 to find out the last number to have called you Free
1471 then 3 Callback your last received call without redialling 20p per call, plus usual call cost
1475 Call 1475 to remove the latest caller from your 1471 list Free
1571 then 0 Call back those who leave you a voicemail 20p per call, plus usual call cost

Privacy Features
Protection from unwanted calls
Service Description TalkTalk per month
Anonymous Caller Reject If a caller withholds their number, they won't get through to you Free
Last Caller Barring Bar incoming calls from your last caller without having to find out their number. Block up to 10 numbers at once Free
Withhold Number all Calls Just ask us and well stop your number being seen by recipients when you call them Free
Privacy Pack See who's calling before you answer - and if they're in your phonebook you'll even see their name Free

Time bands
Calls to UK Mobiles All Other Calls
Daytime: Mon-Sun - 7am-7pm Daytime Mon-Fri - 7am-7pm
Evening: Mon-Sun before 7am and after 7pm Evening: Mon-Fri before 7am and after 7pm
Weekend: Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday