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TalkTalk SimplyBroadband

Comparing TalkTalk to Sky, BT and Virgin

  TalkTalk BT Plusnet Sky Virgin EE
Product SimplyBroadband Unlimited Broadband PlusNet Unlimited Broadband Broadband Unlimited Virgin Media Broadband 50 MB Unlimited Broadband
Monthly fee £7.50 £18.00 £9.99 £10.00 £17.50 £9.95
Line rental £17.70 £17.99 £16.99 £17.40 £16.99 £16.40
Total monthly fee £25.20 £35.99 £26.98 £27.40 £34.49 £26.35
Postage/Setup £6.75 £6.95 £6.99 £6.95 £0.00 £6.00
Usage Totally Unlimited Totally Unlimited Unlimited Totally Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Inclusive calls FREE between TalkTalk customers Weekend Weekend None Included Weekend Weekend
Contract 18 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Total cost (18 months) £460.35 £528.77 £492.63 £500.15 £620.82 £480.30
Total savings with TalkTalk over 18 months* N/A £68.42 £32.28 £39.80 £160.47 £19.95
*Discounted line rental used where available

The small print

Essentials Comparisons

  • Subscription cost comparison over 12 or 18 months to TalkTalk SimplyBroadband; 18 months of £7.50 per month with free connection and a £15.93 per month Value Line Rental.
  • BT Broadband and Weekend Calls; standard price of £10 per month with a £11.75 per month Line Rental Saver.
  • Sky Unlimited Broadband and Talk Weekends; standard price of £10 per month with a £9.95 per month Line Rental Saver.
  • Virgin Media Broadband L and Talk Weekends standard price of £14.50 per month with a £10.00 per month line rental saver.
  • Price comparison uses standard pricing only and excludes all promotions. Prices exclude disconnection charges where applicable.
  • Prices correct at 09/08/13,, and

TalkTalk Essentials includes:

Up to 24 meg download speed, depending on location
HomeSafe network security
Unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landline numbers
Unlimited calls to other TalkTalk landline customers
'Calling circle' 10% discount on calls
Privacy features

BT's equivalent package includes:

Unlimited Wi-Fi minutes
2GB BT Cloud
BT Home Hub wireless router
BT Family Protection
BT SmartTalk

Sky's equivalent package includes:

Inclusive 12 month trial of McAfee security

Virgin's equivalent package includes:

Download speeds of up to 30 meg
Virgin Media Hub wireless router
Unlimited anytime calls to Virgin mobiles

Features comparisons

Download 900 music albums or watch 55 movies: based on a 40GB or higher usage allowance as std. BT Broadband offers 10GB usage allowance.