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Ground breaking online protection for the whole home

Over 1 million TalkTalk families are safer online with HomeSafe®

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TalkTalk homes have ground breaking online protection for the whole home.
All sorts of precious things are under threat from internet nasties - our identities, our bank details, social media credibility, the technology we've invested in and all of the irreplaceable content we now store digitally, from music to photos and above all that, our children's innocence.

These days 1 in 5 people are a victim of online crime, many of whom don't know it. So increasingly it isn't really a choice to have internet security, it's a necessity.

At TalkTalk, we believe all our customers should feel safe and secure when using the internet. That's why we've developed two simple and unique tools to work together, HomeSafe® and Super Safe Boost, to give you complete peace of mind.

HomeSafe® gives you control over the type of websites your household can access and protects your whole home online.
Unique to TalkTalk, HomeSafe® is designed to help you block every device in your home from websites you've defined as unsuitable. It's also great for parents, giving you control of the after school homework routine specifically. It's been developed in partnership with a panel of parents and online safety experts.

Make sure you switch on HomeSafe® today - it's totally free and easy to set up.

Super Safe Boost protects your identity, bank details and all the important stuff on your computer, wherever it is, against security threats, viruses and even removes existing infections.
For busy households who bring computers and files in and out of the home, download movies, music or attachments from friends and family - our Super Safe Boost can protect you against hackers, identity thieves, spam/phishing emails, viruses, worms and spyware as well as detecting and removing existing infections - whether you're connected at home or out and about on someone else's WIFI.

For complete protection, our Super Safe Boost is just £2 a month or free with Plus.

Together, HomeSafe® and Super Safe Boost provide TalkTalk Homes with complete online protection.

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Complete online security

TalkTalk HomeSafe


Helps protect every device connected to your TalkTalk broadband - it's totally free and easy to set-up.
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Super Safe Boost

Super Safe Boost

Award-winning security software for your PCs and laptops when online, in and out of home. Just £2 a month or free with Plus.
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