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About HomeSafe®

Today, everyone in your home can be busy browsing, watching and downloading. HomeSafe® protects your whole family from viruses and other online threats without slowing down your broadband.

Keeping kids safe online

HomeSafe® was one of the first to block websites you don't want your kids and their friends checking out. You choose the kinds of websites to block from your home, like the ones with innappropriate content, online grooming, drugs & self-harm.

E-safety starts with the right device

As technology evolves, it gets harder to keep track of what each new device can do and the risks this can pose to children. That's why Internet Matters has teamed up with Pocket-Lint, an online technology website, to create a guide to buying tech for parents. Covering everything from smartphones to smart TVs, it'll tell you what you need to look out for when purchasing devices for your children.