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SuperSafe Boost

Developed by security experts F-Secure, SuperSafe Boost protects up to 8 devices

  • Protect your PC, Mac and Android devices from viruses
  • Browse securely and block phishing attempts
  • Automatically secure your connection when banking

What do I get with SuperSafe Boost?

Virus Protection - Kill viruses no matter where they come from

Banking Protection - Your online banking and money safe from criminals

Browsing Protection - Freedom to browse safely

Parental Controls - Control the apps and websites your children can access

Antitheft - Easily locate your lost or stolen mobile

Friends & Family Sharing - Share your security with the people you love

Our award winning security by F-Secure giving you the best possible online protection

award winning award winning award winning

Plus customer?

Download SuperSafe Boost on 8 devices for FREE

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Essentials and Simply Broadband

Download SuperSafe boost on 1 device for FREE, or get the full boost for £2 a month

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